Ceramic tile is a luxurious option for creating a beautiful work environment. Here are our 3 reasons why you should choose ceramic tile for your next project.

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It’s Beautiful!

The design options are endless. There are so many textures, colors, shapes, and styles to create your own custom design. Ceramic tile creates dramatic first impressions. Just think of casino’s, hotels and churches. Ceramic tile conveys elegance and has resided in many of our great buildings through the ages.



It’s Tough! 

Ceramic tile that is properly selected and installed lasts longer than other types of flooring. The expected life span of ceramic tile is up to 50 years! Ceramic tile does not fade in sunlight. It resists frost and is a perfect choice for exterior applications. Ceramic tile also non-combustible and does not give off toxic fumes when exposed to fire. Did I say, it’s tough?


It’s Easy to Maintain!

Ceramic tile is pretty much maintenance-free. It resists dirt and stains and requires very little effort to maintain. Ceramic tile is very easy to clean. You can usually clean it with just some warm water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.