Eco-Grip safety flooring is what differentiates Flooring Solutions in the Northern California market.

As the exclusive supplier and installer of Eco-Grip safety flooring, we are excited to relaunch our Eco-Grip page on our website and wanted to share with you some of the reasons why we love the product so much.

There are three main benefits that get us excited about sharing Eco-Grip with our clients. 

Health and Safety.

Commercial kitchens are busy places and spills are going to happen. Eco-Grip floors are slip resistant, even when wet. Reducing slip and falls are critical to keeping staff members safe and on the job. Did you ever stand or walk on concrete or tile all day? Your muscles and back tend to get a little sore. With Eco-Grip, it’s shock absorbent and anti-fatigue. So, you can just eliminate those black mats. Did I mention that it exceeds OSHA and ADA requirements and is made completely from recycled materials. That’s exciting.



Are you tired of grout that is cracking, epoxy that’s peeling up or just some other worn-down surface? Eco-Grip is extremely durable. It’s stain and chemical resistant. So, don’t worry if you drop that glass of wine. We’ll just wipe right off. It’s also impact and puncture resistant so no more cracked tiles or worries about dropping a plate. It’s specifically designed for commercial kitchens and carries a 5-year manufacturer warranty.


Installation and Cost.

We’ve seen some places installed in one night. Close at 10pm and come back for lunch service the next day. Eco-Grip installs over more existing floor surfaces reducing installation time. This saves money on demolition and down time. It comes in 5x8 sheets with welded seams increasing the speed of installation.

In case you still aren't convinced, check out these restaurants that trust Eco Grip in their commercial kitchens:

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