Did you know that 4 billion pounds of carpet is thrown away each year in the US? And it takes on average 100 years for carpet to biodegrade. ⠀

We're not accountants, but that math just doesn't add up to anything good!⠀

Keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible has always been important to us which is why every time we install a new carpet we recycle the old carpet at a facility in San Jose as part of our commitment to stay as carbon neutral as possible. 

In 2016 alone we helped keep 86,560 lbs of used carpet out of landfills.

Recycled carpet is typically turned back into plastic resin to be used to create other products like new carpet fiber, new carpet pad, automotive parts, or as filler for concrete so nothing goes to the landfill.⠀

Here are some pictures from a recent trip to the Green Waste facility in San Jose where we dropped off a van load for recycling and had a opportunity to tour the facility and see the operation.⠀



Leading By Example

That is why as part of our commitment to sustainability, doesn't stop there.

Our efforts don't end with old carpets, internally we practice what we preach and recycling is just a piece of the puzzle. 

We firmly believe you are who you associate with, so we do what we can to find other green manufacturers who care not only about the quality of the product they produce but how that product effects the quality of the world we all live in.

As we continue to look at how our business operates we are constantly finding new ways, both big and small, to make a difference.  In the last year we have added more fuel efficient cars like the Prius to our fleet of work cars and started recycling all our used ink cartridges. Thank you to Cartridge World in Livermore to taking all of our used ink cartridges from our office and recycling them for us.⠀

Making An Investment In Our Future

We are proud of how much carpet we've helped divert away from landfills. It feels good to know that we are doing what we can to make an investment in the future of our world. 

Green efforts are part of our company DNA and we are committed to reducing waste, recycling, and staying as carbon neutral as possible. ⠀

As always, we are committed to sell floor covering that doesn't cause harm to the environment, create carbon emissions or contribute to global warming.⠀