What would it be like to work with one of the most iconic brands in the world? Well, in April of 2017, we had the opportunity to find out.

Project: Disney Store
Segment: Retail
Location: Fairfield, CA
Product: Shaw Carpet Tiles

We were happy to finish the project ahead of schedule and to their satisfaction.
— Jon Miller, Project Manager

Project Highlights:

  • Colorful and fun solution to improve the store appearance

  • All work done during overnight hours

  • Tight timeline to be ready for grand opening

  • Finished a day ahead of schedule

  • Recycled old carpet to minimize carbon footprint


Project Background:

The first Disney store opened in Glendale, California on March 28th, 1987 and now over 30 years later we had the opportunity to assist them in the remodel of their Fairfield, California location. Wow, this would be fun.

It was exciting to overcome the challenges presented by working in the retail environment.
— Jon Miller, Project Manager

Located in the Solano Town Center, the Disney store offers quality Disney merchandise and exceptional guest service. It's fun for kids of all ages with interactive presentations and unique experiences, bringing Disney's most important characters and stories to life.

Solution: Create a Comprehensive Plan 

We had to plan every detail to ensure we would be Gran Opening Ready:

  • Getting the needed equipment through the mall and to the store

  • Mapping out how much area would be completed each night

  • Planning where each of the fixtures were located

  • Create a plan to stop, clean up and be out of there before opening

Challenge: Overnight Retail Flooring Remodel

A retail remodel presented unique challenges because all work had to be done during non-operating hours and the store grand opening ready by opening time.

It was critical that we were ready to get started quickly once the store closed and have it ready to open within the strict timeline.

So off to work we went.


Solution: Carpet Tile with Color and Design

The replacement was colorful and fun. Randomly placed 24”x24” Shaw carpet tiles in medium blue, dark grey and maroon.

It was going to look great but execution had to be flawless.

Challenge: Safely Remove the Old Carpet

The original carpeting** was broadloom over pad. It needed to be safely removed and the floor underneath prepped to ensure a smooth application of the new material.

** this included the old carpet, pad, and debris. 


Solution: Used the "Just Like The Picture" Method 

The team created a master plan for moving the fixtures. Take a photo of the existing fixture placement and put it back JLP. Retail lingo, that “just like picture”. What a great idea.

Once the fixtures were safely moved, the demo of the existing carpet started.

Challenge: Fixtures Had To Be Put Back In Their Exact Location

All fixtures within the store were mapped out and had to be put back in their exact location.

You couldn’t mark the floor because you were pulling it up. So, how could we do it?

Minimizing Carbon Footprint

We recycled the old broadloom for Disney to minimize waste to our landfills and help recycling efforts.


Once we reached the subfloor, we’d have to make it nice and smooth for the new carpet tile to rest on. Sub floor prep would need to be done quickly with fast setting material so we could be ready for opening.

“It had to be like nothing happened.”
— John Miller, Project Manager

Once the subfloor was ready it was time for the new Shaw carpet tiles to hit the floor. The guys moved with speed and accuracy to ensure the installation was completely timely and the store was ready for business at opening.


And just like that, we became magic makers. With Disney giving us a 3-night time line to complete the project, we aimed high to not only meet but exceed their expectations. We completed the job in only 2 nights to the satisfaction of the Disney Team.


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