Create a safe, more comfortable work environment for your employees


Whether you're a 5 star restaurant or a local corner store, passing your health inspection is key to staying in business. Did you know that your floors can help with that? ⠀

The Eco Grip safety floors we install are antimicrobial so they prohibit odor causing mold and mildew. Health inspectors really like that! Bonus Eco Grip is also waterproof, slip resistant, and easy to clean.⠀

Eco-Grip has become the standard for industrial flooring in restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and commercial kitchens. It is clean, safe, and durable - not only does this mean better safety but also any dropped plates or cups remain intact.

If you are a northern California Restaurant we want to make your floors work for YOU!

What People Are Saying About Eco-Grip

Eco-Grip can reduce your yearly liability insurance premiums because it is truly a non-slip, ant-fatigue safety floor. And your employees will be safer and more comfortable by working on an Eco-Grip floor.
— Betty from Travelers Insurance

eliminate ugly black rubber mats

  • Slip-resistant creates a safe work place

  • Stain proof, antimicrobial and very easy to clean and create a healthy, eco-friendly environment 

  • Won't crack or require costly re-grouting and cleaning annually

  • Heat and chemical resistant

  • 100% recycled materials earns LEED points for your building

  • The anti-fatigue floor allows you to stand comfortably for 8 hours 


French Laundry's Kitchen Makeover

We recommended Eco-Grip safety flooring for Thomas Keller the chef and owner of the French Laundry when he built his brand new kitchen. 

Their new floors are nice to work on, easy to clean, and eliminate slip and falls. 


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