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Save on yearly insurance premiums for liability with Eco-Grip industrial flooring because it is built for safety.

We are proud to be the exclusive Eco-Grip distributor for San Francisco/Northern California.  And our non-union labor saves you 40% compared to union labor. Eco-Grip is anti-microbial and can be installed over existing floors to prevent a costly business shut down.   


A Cleaner, Safer Kitchen for The French Laundry 

We recommended Eco-Grip safety flooring for Thomas Keller the chef and owner of the French Laundry when he built a brand new kitchen connected to the current facility.

We installed 5000 sf of Eco-Grip there and they have been using it for 6 months and are very happy with it. Since then we have also installed Eco-Grip in their new chocolate manufacturing facility.

Their new floors are nice to work on, easy to clean, and eliminate slip and falls. 

Location: Yountville, CA

eliminate ugly black rubber mats and Create a safe, more comfortable work environment for your employees.

  • Slip-resistant creates a safe work place

  • Stain proof, antimicrobial and very easy to clean and create a healthy, eco-friendly environment 

  • Won't crack or require costly re-grouting and cleaning annually

  • Heat and chemical resistant

  • 100% recycled materials earns LEED points for your building

  • The anti-fatigue floor allows you to stand comfortably for 8 hours 

We are proud to be a member with Golden Gate Restaurant Association

Over the the past decade, Eco-Grip has become the standard for industrial flooring in restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and commercial kitchens. While black rubber is easier to stand on, it is not pretty to look at and much more expensive. It is clean, safe, and durable - not only does this mean better safety but also any dropped plates or cups remain intact .

This type of flooring is suitable for many different industries such as retail, commercial, industrial, and restaurants.


We are proud to have served the following clients

Eco-Grip can reduce your yearly liability insurance premiums because it is truly a non-slip, ant-fatigue safety floor. And your employees will be safer and more comfortable by working on an Eco-Grip floor.
— Betty from Travelers Insurance

commercial floor Installation Options

Hassle Free Installation at 40% less than union costs

We make commercial floor installation hassle free by coming in after hours so your business is not disrupted. Whether you are a new business or looking to replace old floors, Eco-Grip is easy to install and can be completed in only a few nights depending on size, and whether it will be a new or retrofit installation.


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