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Our factory trained mechanics furnish and install hardwood flooring from manufacturers such as Hemisphere, US Floors, and Johnson Hardwood.

A solid hardwood floor will provide decades of extraordinary beauty, durable service and flexibility to your restaurant, retail store, office, lobby, hotel, etc.  Hardwood floors are non-toxic and trap no allergens such as mold spores and dust. Simple maintenance – dust mopping, sweeping or vacuuming – will keep hardwood floors looking great and allergen-free.

Engineered form from various specie, hardwood comes in different grades and designs. For high traffic areas, consider Oak, Maple, Cherry and Ash, species with higher hardness rating. U.S. hardwoods are truly sustainable and an all-natural, carbon-negative material. They have no emissions for methane, nitrogen oxides and other particulate matter.

A Look At What We've Done


Providing Janie + Jack Peace of Mind

A long-time client, Janie & Jack (a Gymboree Corporation) is able to open on schedule because we stock materials for them in our Livermore warehouse so we have it on hand for quick shipping.

They can’t afford to have a store not open due to a delay in the flooring being installed so we provide them this service and have never missed an opening date.

We supply them Shaw wood flooring and Burke vinyl plank flooring for all of their stores across the country.

Location: Nationwide

commercial floor Installation Options

Hassle Free and 40% less than union rates

We are the largest non-union flooring contractor in the Bay Area with over 75 factory trained installers. Our labor rates are 40% less then union costs and our large size gives us strong purchasing power with the manufacturers resulting in big savings for our clients.

Worried about your old flooring? We’ll take it for you! We can remove any existing floor covering and replace with with our beautiful industrial hardwood floors. 

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