New, Safer Docks For a historic landmark


How often can you work on a boat dock, overlooking the San Francisco bay and enjoy the views of million dollar yachts coming in and out of the bay? When the St. Francis Yacht Club called, we were there to help.

The St. Francis Yacht Club needed a safer, more comfortable dock for their sailing classes but the job presented itself with a number of unique challenges. 

Project: "The Dock" @ St. Francis Yacht Club
Segment: Sports Club
Location: On The Marina in San Francisco, CA 94123
Product: Shaw Beacon II - Color Deep River

We had done work with them before in their dining rooms and hallways. When they needed a solution to this outdoor project, they called on this. It was exciting to solve a unique challenge for them.
— Jim Kinney, Project Manager

Project Highlights:

  • Installed outdoor carpeting on a dock at a prestigious San Francisco Yacht Club

  • Provided students with a safe and comfortable dock for their sailing classes

  • Overcame many unique installation challenges such as:

    • Out of the ordinary floor prep (from dealing with exposed nails to working with rotted boards, and outdoor working conditions)

    • Created custom lift mechanisms to accommodate moving parts of the dock 

    • Found non-traditional methods to secure the carpet

Project Background:

This San Francisco yacht club provides a boating and social venue for its members and their guests. It features large deep-water guest docks, outstanding dining and incredible vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay.  One of the obstacles is a safe working enviornment for students so they approached FSI to create a solution that was as functional as it was fashionable.

Solution: "Dock Prep"

We soon discovered, where there are loose nails, there are loose boards. In addition to dealing with the loose nails, we needed to ensure the boards were secured and ready for the new outdoor floor covering.

Challenge: Exposed Nails

This wasn't quite the ordinary floor prep. Throughout the dock, there we exposed nails protruding through the wood. In order for the new carpet to lay flat, we had to deal with the nails.

Solution: Lift it Up

Our install team had a great idea to lift the boat ramp using metal bars and rope. By getting the ramp out of the water, they could install the carpeting all the way to the bottom. 

Challenge:  Carpeting the Boat Ramp

We had to get the carpeting all the way to the end of the boat ramp to ensure that the kids could feel carpet under their feet while bring their boat onto the dock.


Solution: Galvanized Staples & Extra Stretches

We couldn't use just any staples, we needed to use galvanized staples to ensure that the staples would not rust with the exposure to water and moisture. Without glue, we had to constantly stretch and secure the carpet as we installed it to give it a real smooth look.

Challenge: Securing the Carpet

Most carpet installs use either glue or tack strip. This was different. We needed to use staples to secure the carpeting to the dock. 


Whether it was exposed nails, loose boards or a ramp in the water, we needed to provide solutions to these challenges to give this prestigious club a dock area where their could host their sailing classes in a safe and comfortable setting.

You don’t get this type of installation experience every day.
— Martin Helda, Installation Manager


Even with some of these unique installation challenges, we were excited to finish the job on time and on budget giving the yacht club the opportunity to host their sailing classes in a safe and comfortable environment.


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